Business Valuations

What is your business really worth?

A business valuation gives you an independent assessment of your businesses worth which can be used for:

  • Sale of business and succession
  • Assessing a business opportunity or merger
  • Strategic planning
  • Capital raising and other financial requirements
  • Where there has been a death or family law dispute
  • Tax requirements (to validate tax planning strategies) and Shareholder disputes.

What does a business valuation do?

Whether you are valuing your whole business for sale or trying to value some of the business assets, a valuation provides an independent opinion on value and the reasons for that opinion. The valuation approach used varies from business to business and the needs of the client.

A valuation can also help identify areas where improvements can be made to your business to improve its value. For example, our business valuation procedures may identify your business is under performing compared to others in your industry. Strategic plans may be put in place to improve the performance of your business and hence increase its value.

Business valuations are often used in court proceedings where there is a dispute or where the court needs to place a value on the business to reach a settlement between parties. As well as preparing the valuation report we can also appear in court as a witness if required to defend your valuation against challenges.

A business valuation is more than an assessment of the financial statements of the business. Often we’ll need to visit your business, compile key documentation and talk to you about key issues and events.

The resulting valuation report documents our valuation opinion, the purpose and scope, what has been valued and the assumptions we have made to arrive at our valuation opinion.

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